Next generation cloud based file storage system designed for the engineering office enabling control with collaboration.

FileMinister enables you to:

  • Connect your LAN fileystem to cloud
  • Setup sync for designated machines and users
  • Define security for files and folders
  • Maintain versions and backups of your files
  • Auto and manual checkout / checkin
  • Manage conflicts
Traditional cloud based file providers are good but build with individual users' need in mind. Engineering office admins face a dilemma on whether to stay with their current file systems or choose a cloud provider and lose control. FileMinister is built for engineering offices and puts security first.

Windows App

  • Configuration:
    1. Agentid, secret key and cloud user account
    2. For each share defined under agent, we shall define the local folder and the windows account to access this folder.
  • Local filesystem shall be displayed in treeview and listview with proper icons, sync status and standard explorer functionality.
  • Share Users
    1. View
      1. Check-in / checkout / file opened by status
      2. Conflicts
      3. Version History: Display List and allow save as
    2. Manual Checkout and Checkin.
    3. Metadata for file/folder
    4. File/folder CRUD: from either within the UI or from Windows Explorer.
    5. From the UI, it shall be possible to drag/drop a file/folder into the UI and the same shall be treated as addition of file/folder and synced.
    6. Search: File / folder name/metadata. 
  • Share Admin
    1. Permission view and edit
    2. Conflict resolution.
    3. Version History: Manual relink, delink and remove versions for file.
    4. Manual remove versions for folder as per date based or wildcard based criteria.
  • Permissions
    1. Each share/folder/file can have “allow” and “deny” permissions of following type: read, write, edit metadata, assigned to one or more users or groups. Share will also have “admin” permission type.
    2. A user who does not have read permission on a share/folder/file shall not be able to “see” the share/folder/file in the UI.
    3. The permissions applied will be additive – ie parent permission will be automatically applied to children in the tree.


Web App

  • Cloud view of the file system with basic navigation
  • View current status (checkin/checkout), metadata and history of any file
  • Search: File/folder name/metadata
  • New file upload through button and drag/drop
  • Provision to add items in context menu based on file extension