Powering B2B SaaS


Rules Based Application Development.

Abstract your application logic into rules based metadata for fast development and maintenance.



App Creation and Definition

App Definition App
1 - Menu and Permissions
2 - Navigation and Workflow
3 - Data views definition with data source and transforms
4 - Grid, List, Gantt, Kanban, Charts, Webview visualizations
5 - Filters with values and applicability
6 - Full Featured Desktop App

Service Components

Server Side Components
1 - Publishers can create their own Asp.Net MVC web services
2 - Support for REST API and WCF
3 - View models as per data source and visualization definition
4 - Forms and Report models that can support multiple platforms
5 - Support multiple bots with identity integreation
6 - Support for queues and background tasks

UI Components

UI Components
1 - Publishers can create their own web/windows/mobile apps
2 - Asp .Net MVC Razor views with GET, SAVE and binding support
3 - Windows Forms with data get, save and binding
4 - Xamarin Forms for iOS/Android with data get, save and binding
5 - Rendering of view and navigation logic
6 - AJAX and data calls supported for advanced form development