Powering B2B SaaS

Define data and visualization

Define data and visualization
1 - Define data sources and transformations in Appfx Desktop app
2 - Define visualizations
3 - Define menus and navigations
4 - Publish in your own app
5 - Or Publish to SaaSMatter Live BI

Create your own BI app in hours

Create BI app
1 - Publish the appdb file in a template project and host in your cloud
2 - Integrate with SaasMatter Identity if required
3 - Platform is delivered as Nuget Packages
4 - Solution is scalable and suitable for multiple tenants and platforms

SaaSMatter Live BI

Live BI
1 - Publish to SaaSMatter Live BI for real time business intelligence
2 - Live run of app definition rules
3 - Rendering of view and navigation logic
4 - Data Service can be called from publisher's own apps
5 - Provides endpoints for WCF and REST API

Advanced Dashboards

Create advanced dashboards to get complete management overview Advanced Dashboards
Choose from a variety of chart visualizations, like given below:

1 - Column charts show vertical bars and allow you to compare values of items across categories.
2 - Bar charts show horizontal bars.
3 - Scatter charts use X and Y coordinates to show patterns within the data.
4 - Line charts show trends over a period of time or across categories.
5 - Area charts are line charts with the area below the line filled with color.
6 - Bubble charts are Scatter charts with a third data value that determines the size of the symbol.
7 - Candlestick charts present items with high, low, open, and close values.
8 - Spline charts are line charts that plot curves rather than angled lines through the data points.
9 - Funnel chart.
10 - Step chart.