Rules Based Application Development.

Abstract application logic into rules based metadata for fast development and maintenance.

Create mobile, desktop, web ui and services apps with speed and flexibility.

GUI based Rules authoring

App Definition App
1 - Data source and transforms
2 - Grid, List, Gantt, Kanban, Charts, HTML visualizations
3 - Menu and Permissions
4 - Navigation and Workflow
5 - Filters with values and applicability
6 - Desktop and Web Apps

Service Components

Server Side Components
1 - Support for REST API and WCF
2 - View models as per data source and visualization definition
3 - Forms and Report models that can support multiple platforms
4 - Support multiple bots with identity integreation
5 - Support for queues and background tasks

Desktop and Web UI

Desktop and Web UI
1 - Asp .Net MVC Razor views and Windows Forms with data get, save and binding
2 - Rendering of view and navigation logic in your own apps.
3 - Client side library and server side endpoints that support advanced UI scenarios
4 - Sample projects hosted on Github.

Mobile UI

Mobile UI
1 - Full fidelity platform level mobile app support for iOS and Android
2 - Rendering of view and navigation logic in mobile app
3 - Xamarin Forms library with data get, save and binding for custom forms
4 - About 10 different mobile apps built on the platform are already hosted on the Google Play Store.